Applied Health Research Questions

Health system policy makers or health system providers can make use of an applied research program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. They can submit Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQ) to Ministry-funded research organizations or bodies such as the Health System Performance Research Network, and ask them to gather evidence to answer their question. Researchers at the HSPRN have responded to a variety of applied health research questions over the years.

Evidence Briefs (AHRQs)




Family Work in Four Early Psychosis Intervention Programs: An Exploratory Study
August 2016
Nhi Vu
Avra Selick
Tiziana Volpe
A Review of the Literature on Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Family Support in Early Psychosis Intervention Programs
February 2016
Avra Selick
Nhi Vu

Work in Progress (AHRQs)


Future Application

Lead Investigator

High resource consumers of paediatric health services: children with autism, children with autism spectrum disorders, children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Ontario.

To understand services and best practices for: data collection and transitions of care