The 2008 release of Hospital Performance Results coincides with the 10th anniversary of the launch of the original Hospital Report series. The intervening years have borne witness to many changes, including improvements in measurement methods, a broadening in scope to include additional sectors, and the introduction of online reporting tools to replace printed reports.

For Complex Continuing Care 2008, a total of 24 indicators are used to examine the areas of complex continuing care activity that form a balanced scorecard approach - clinical utilization and outcomes, financial performance and condition, and system integration and change. The Patient and Family Satisfaction quadrant is not included this year as the survey is only administered every two years.

A balanced approach is important because there are many factors that contribute to overall performance. Providing hospital care is a complex activity, and as a result, no single part of the system causes excellent or poor performance.

Hospital-specific performance indicator results are available for 87 of 104 hospital corporations with complex continuing care programs in Ontario. Seventy-six percent (76%) of hospital corporations participated in all four quadrants. Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) level analyses are also included.

Reporting Focus: 
System level and hospital-specific

Analysis Available: 
Hospital-specific performance indicator results are provided when available. 

Three classifications are used: above average performance, average performance, and below average performance. For some financial performance and condition indicators, two classifications are used: inside range to reflect optimal performance, and outside range to reflect less optimal performance. 

Results are summarized and provided by hospital type (acute care hospital with complex continuing care units or beds or free standing complex continuing care hospital) as well as by geographic region (as defined by LHINs - Local Health Integration Networks). 

Data collection and analysis was completed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

Data Baseline: 
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2007 
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 2006-2007 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 2006-2007 

87 out of 104 hospital corporations with designated CCC beds participated in at least one quadrant and 79 hospital corporations participated in all four quadrants for the Complex Continuing Care 2008. The participating hospitals represent 94% of stays in designated complex continuing care beds in 2006-2007.

Stephanie Bonnell, Imtiaz Daniel, Anyk Glussich, Sara Grimwood, Yujin Jiang, Bernadee Koh- Bilodeau, Jeanie Lacroix, Salima Ladha, Doreen MacNeil, Ian McKillop, Clara Pong, Stefan Popowycz, Anne-Marie Robert, Adam Rondeau, Jennifer Wagg, Walter P. Wodchis