Hospital Report 2005: Rehabilitation is the third report produced by the Hospital Report Research Collaborative that focuses on rehabilitation services in Ontario. This is also the first report to be included in our e-Scorecard application. A total of 22 different indicators were chosen by health care providers, managers, and researchers to examine the four important areas of rehabilitation care that form a balanced scorecard: System Integration and Change, Clinical Utilization and Outcomes, Client Perspectives, and Financial Performance and Condition.

This report presents performance indicators for four key areas of hospital activity - System Integration and Change, Client Perspectives, Clinical Utilization and Outcomes, and Financial Performance and Condition. A women's health perspective was integrated into the report to provide a better understanding of issues related to equity (sex differences).

Technical Reports describing the methodological approaches used to develop this report are available.

Reporting Focus:
System level and hospital-specific

Analysis Available:
Three classifications are used: above average performance, provincial average performance, and below average performance. 
Results are summarized by hospital and/or region, depending on the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2004 
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 2003-2004 
Client Perspectives Indicators: 2003-2004 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 2003-2004

45 of the 54 hospital corporations with designated rehabilitation beds.

Adalsteinn D. Brown, Mayilee Canizares, Cheryl Cott, Imtiaz Daniel, Linda McGillis Hall, Susan Jaglal, Carey Levinton, Crystal MacKay, Ian McKillop, George Pink, Christina Porcellato, Kathleen Sheridan, Leslie Soever, Jeanette Tyas