Available Reports for Mental Health 2004

Hospital Report 2004: Mental Health is the second Hospital Report for adult inpatient mental health care in Ontario prepared by the Hospital Report Research Collaborative. A total of 24 indicators are reported in five system performance domains.

Overall, results indicate strength in the delivery of inpatient mental health care, consistent with the values of mental health reform. However, a number of areas were flagged for follow-up action. In particular, there is considerable regional variation in performance; post-discharge follow-up medical care is lower than desired; and strategies to support evidence-based care are limited.

Reporting Focus:
System level.

Analysis Available:
Five system performance domains: accessibility, appropriateness, outcomes, participation, system management were incorporated into the four scorecard quadrants (not all 5 are relevant to every BSC quadrant). 
Results are summarized by type of hospital (specialty or acute care) and/or region, depending on the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2003 
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 2002-2003 
Patient Perception of Care Indicators: 2002-2003 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 2002-2003

56 Schedule 1 hospitals, including 11 specialty and 45 acute care facilities. These facilities provided almost 1.5 million days of mental health and addictions care in 2002/03.

Elizabeth. Lin , Janet Durbin, P. Goering, C. Koegl, I. Daniel, C. Layne, F. Markel, L. McGillis Hall, Ian McKillop, M. Murray, G. Pink, Prendergast, T. Tucker.