Available Reports for Acute Care 2003
Selected findings from this report also appear in summary reports that are available for each of the five Ontario Hospital Association regions. The summary reports also contain highlighted findings from our 2003 complex continuing care, emergency departments, and rehabilitation reports.

Hospital Report 2003: Acute Care provides a "snapshot" of Ontario's acute care hospital system. It was designed specifically for hospital trustees, administrators, and others who want detailed information about the relative performance of hospitals across the province and was produced by the Canadian Institute for Health Information using methodologies developed by the Hospital Report Research Collaborative.

This report is composed of an introduction and four balanced scorecard chapters that provide province-wide results for System Integration and Change, Clinical Utilization and Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Financial Performance and Condition. Women's health as well as several nursing-specific indicators have been integrated into the quadrant chapters. The report also includes an insert with hospital-specific indicator results.

A Technical Report describing the methodological approaches used to develop this report is available.

Reporting Focus:
System level and hospital-specific.

Analysis Available:
Three performance classifications are used: above the provincial average, around the provincial average, and below the provincial average. 
Results are summarized by type of hospital (small, community, teaching) and region, depending on the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2003 
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 2001-2002 
Patient Satisfaction Indicators: 2002 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 2001-2002

120 acute care organisations, representing 185 hospital sites; 92 of these participated at the hospital-specific level, representing 99% of all acute care hospitalizations in Ontario.

Geoff Anderson, G. Ross Baker, Jack Bingham, Adalsteinn D. Brown, Ian Button, Linda Choy, Imtiaz Daniel, Nita Dharwarkar, Diane Doran, Anyk Glussich, Jeff Green, Linda McGillis Hall, Nicole Howe, Sarah K. Lenz, Frank Markel, Erik Markhauser, Ian McKillop, Michael M. Murray, Mary Neill, George Pink, Amy Ramos, Marc Tallentire, Jaya Weerasooriya, Greg Zink