Hospital Report 2003: Complex Continuing Care is the second Hospital Report on Complex Continuing Care in Ontario developed by the Hospital Report Research Collaborative. Performance indicators are presented for four key areas of complex continuing care activity - system integration and change, clinical utilization and Outcomes, patient and family satisfaction, and financial performance and condition.

This report provides a set of detailed indicators that reflect many aspects related to complex continuing care. Complex continuing care programs can use the information provided in this report to describe, evaluate, and compare their performance.

Technical Reports describing the methodological approaches used to develop this report are available.

Reporting Focus:
System level and hospital-specific.

Analysis Available:
Three classifications are used: above average performance, provincial average performance, and below average performance. 
Results are summarized by size of hospital (small, large) and type (acute hospital, freestanding complex continuing care hospital).

Data Baseline:
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2001 
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 2001-2002 
Patient Satisfaction Indicators: 2002-2003 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 2001-2002

62 of 104 hospital corporations/partnerships with active complex continuing care beds, representing 86.6% of patient days during fiscal 2001/02 participated in at least three sections of the hospital-specific level of this report.

Gary Teare, Imtiaz Daniel, Frank Markel, Ian McKillop, George Pink, Natalie Rashkovan, Lynn Weiler.