Available Reports for Women's Health 2002

Hospital Report 2002: Women's Health deals not only with issues of quality and efficiency, but also with issues of equity and inclusiveness themes that are central to our notion of the Canadian health care system.

The quadrants described in this report include Patient Satisfaction, Improving Care and Quality of Worklife, and Clinical indicators. These measures are further classified into three key findings: sex-specific indicators of performance, the comparison of women and men on select performance indicators, and indicators showing support of women for providers of care.

A Technical Supplement describing the methodological approach used to develop this report is available.

Reporting Focus:
System level and hospital-specific.

Analysis Available:
Performance based on the ABCT (Achievable Benchmarks of Care Model) for equity benchmarks to rank hospitals above or below benchmark. 
Results are summarized by type of hospital (small, community, teaching) and/or region, depending on the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
Patient Satisfaction Indicators: 2001 
Improving Care & Quality of Worklife indicators: 2002
Clinical indicators: 1997-2001

98% of acute care hospitalizations in Ontario are included in the hospital-specific data for this report (derived from Hospital Report 2002: Acute Care).

G. Ross Baker; Adalsteinn D. Brown; Michael Murray; Christina M. Porcellato; Donna E. Stewart