Hospital Report 2001: Acute Care was produced by the Canadian Institute for Health Information using the concepts and methodologies employed for previous reports in the Hospital Report series.

Performance indicators are presented for four key areas of hospital activity - system integration and change, clinical utilization and outcomes; patient satisfaction; financial performance and condition;. A chapter reporting on how women's and men's access to hospital care and outcomes is included in this year's report.

A Technical Report describing the methodological approach used to develop the report is available.

Reporting Focus:
System level and hospital-specific.

Analysis Available:
Hospital performance on individual indicators is presented on a relative basis. Five classifications are used: somewhat above average performance, above average performance, provincial average performance, below average performance, and somewhat below average performance.

Results are summarized by type of hospital (small, community or teaching) depending upon the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
System Integration and Change Indicators: 2000
Clinical Utilization and Outcomes Indicators: 1999-2000 
Patient Satisfaction Indicators: 2000 
Financial Performance and Condition Indicators: 1999-2000

System level performance reflects activities of 121 of the 185 acute care organisations in the province.

Ninety-five of these 121 organisations signed up for the hospital-specific portion of the report. Together, they represent 96% of all acute care hospitalizations in Ontario.

Jennifer Zelmer and Jennifer Shapiro.