Available Report for Mental Health 2001

Hospital Report 2001: Preliminary Studies - Volume One Exploring Mental Health represents the first stage in the development of a balanced scorecard for mental health services in Ontario. Initial results were published as a "Preliminary Study", along with the introductory findings for rehabilitation services in 2001.

The Mental Health section of the Preliminary Studies - Volume One assesses the feasibility of applying the balanced scorecard framework to the delivery of hospital-based inpatient mental health care in Ontario. The proposed framework allows for performance measurement across the continuum of care in the future. Performance indicators are proposed and provincial values are calculated on those for which data are currently available.

The report concludes with a series of recommendations to enable the future development of a scorecard to include provincial, regional, and peer group hospital-based performance measures for mental health care in Ontario.

Reporting Focus:
System level

Analysis Available:
Five system performance domains: accessibility, appropriateness, outcomes, participation, system management were incorporated into the four scorecard quadrants.

Data Baseline:
Indicators in these quadrants are based on data from 1999-2000, with some data included from 1998-1999 and 2000-2001 for comparison purposes:

System Integration & Change Indicators 
Clinical Utilization & Outcomes Indicators 

The remaining quadrants are included as proposed indicator measures. Data to test these indicators were not yet available at the time of publishing.

Client Satisfaction Indicators 
Financial Performance & Condition Indicators


Niki Degendorfer, Janet Durbin, Paula Goering, Elizabeth Lin, Peter Prendergast.