Available Report for Population Health 2001

Hospital Report 2001: Preliminary Studies - Volume Two Exploring Population Health
Historically, the healthcare system has evolved to position the individual patient at the focal point of the diagnostic and treatment magnifying glass. However, there has been an increasing interest in ensuring that the healthcare system addresses a different goal. Our healthcare system should focus not only on the demands of individuals, but should also aim to improve the health of entire populations and reduce health inequities between populations.

This report assesses the feasibility of evaluating performance in relation to these population health goals and proposes different types of indicators that can be introduced into performance reports.

As a preliminary report, the Population Health section of Preliminary Studies - Volume Two explores a proposed framework for developing population health indicators to reflect health system performance. Four quadrants contain these indicators: Health Determinants and Status, Community Views, Finance and Resource Distribution, and Policy and Organizational Structures.

Reporting Focus:
System level

Analysis Available:

Data Baseline:
Health Determinants and Health Status indicators (Clinical) 
Community Views indicators (Patient Satisfaction) 
Finance and Resource Allocation indicators (Financial Performance and Condition) 
Policy and Organizational Structure indicators (System Integration and Change)


Vivek Goel; Doug Manuel