Available Report for Women's Health 2001

Hospital Report 2001: Preliminary Studies - Volume Two Exploring Women's Health
Women's health is an increasingly important focus in health services research and the evaluation of health system performance. As a portion of Preliminary Studies - Volume Two, the Women's Health section builds on this focus and on previous work by assessing a possible framework to incorporate women's healthcare services into the Hospital Report Series.

Reporting Focus:
System level

Analysis Available:
Results are classified by region and/or hospital type (small, community, or teaching hospital), depending on the quadrant.

Data Baseline:
This report focuses primarily on measures of performance relevant to women's healthcare for the Clinical Utilization and Outcomes quadrant (1999-2000). Patient Satisfaction by sex and System Integration and Change indicators were included in the Acute Care and Emergency Department Care publications ofHospital Report 2001, respectively. The Financial Performance and Condition research team explored developing measures of performance relevant to women's health, but current data sets do not allow disaggregation of financial data at the patient or departmental level to allow analyses by sex or for women's health programs.

118 acute care hospitals in Ontario participated by providing data related to women's healthcare services.

Adalsteinn D. Brown; Alexandra I. Magistretti; Donna E. Stewart