Our Work

The project work of the HSPRN creates synergies among investigators, policy-makers and providers.  It also serves as a brain trust to health policy and provider communities in Ontario.  In this section, you will find descriptions of our current and past projects, as well as copies of our publicly available reports and evidence briefs.

The present work of the HSPRN is focused on 8 interwoven research projects, each with a 3 year mandate.  Our current projects are driven by over 70 network researchers and project staff, from 7 different universities and health organizations in Ontario.  The specific themes of our past projects vary from year to year, depending on the nature of the Ontario government's health system performance priorities at the time and those of the broader policy, provider and patient communities.  Each research project engages knowledge users in the project's development and implementation.

Based upon our project work, HSPRN researchers produce publications and reports which range from research findings to environmental scans and literature reviews.  As well, we are tasked by knowledge users, such as Health Quality Ontario and Local Health Integration Networks, to answer specific Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQ).  Sometimes we make our AHRQ findings publicly available as reports which we call evidence briefs.