Past Projects

Past Investigator, Alumni and Staff Projects


Creating System-Level Performance Measures to Evaluate the Management of Patients Across the Health System Continuum.
Evidence-Informed Strategies for Improving Quality and Safety in Care Transitions.
Measuring and Understanding Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare for Improving Hospitals' Performance in Ontario: a Multilevel Analysis.
Understanding and Identifying Target Populations for Integrated Care.

Past Trainee Projects


Adoption of High-Tech Medical Imaging and Hospital Quality and Efficiency.

Trainee: Guillermo Sandoval Supervisor: Geoff Anderson

Assessing the Penetration and Performance of Hospitalists in Ontario: Implications for the Quality of Inpatient Care.

Trainee: Heather L. White
Supervisor: Rick Glazier 

Comparative Analysis of Long-Term Care Policies and Placements.

Trainee: Shannon Reynolds
Supervisor: Walter Wodchis 

Public, Private, and Informal Home Care in Canada: What are the Determinants of Utilization and the Interrelationships among Different Types of Services?

Trainee: Gustavo Mery
Supervisor: Walter Wodchis

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Performance Measurement in Long Term Care.

Trainee: Dina Franchi
Supervisor: Walter Wodchis

Evaluating Organizational Client Centredness Relationships within the "Rehabilitation Scorecard":  Do Managers Use this Information to Guide Decision Making?

Trainee: Sonia Pagura
Supervisor: Susan Jaglal

Health System Integration: Competing or Shared Mental Models?

Trainee: Jenna Evans
Supervisor: G. Ross Baker

Measuring Integration through Electronic Information Exchange:  Making the Invisible Visible.

Trainee: D. Josephine McMurray
Supervisor: Ian McKillop 

Performance of Ontario Primary Care Practices.

Trainee: Maude Laberge
Supervisor: Walter Wodchis

The Organizational Context of Care Transition Interventions: Case Studies from Ontario.

Trainee: Karen Born
Supervisor: G. Ross Baker